How to Remodel a Pool

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It’s no secret that a well-designed and maintained pool can last for years. The pool can also improve your home’s resale value by boosting its curb appeal. Keeping your pool in great shape is a great investment for your property. Your pool can start losing its appeal after a while and require a remodel. Its pumps and filters may fail, surfaces may …

does an inground pool add value to your home?

Does an Inground Pool Add Value to Your Home?

Chris Bowen Pool Construction

The choice to install an inground pool in your home will certainly come with a couple of questions, but the first one you will likely start with is: does an inground pool add value to your home? You might want to enjoy your home as an escape or resource for relaxation, or you might want a place where your children …

Tips to Know When Remodeling Your Pool

Chris Bowen Pool Construction

Inground pools are an excellent addition to the home. Not only do they cool you down in warm weather, but they also add tons of curb appeal to your backyard. The parties don’t hurt either. But over time, your inground pool begins to deteriorate and requires a facelift. Just like all of us, your pool needs a little extra lovin’ …