How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

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One of the most frequent questions that we’re asked is how much does an inground pool cost in North Texas. The answer is that it can range pretty widely. So, it can go anywhere from $50,000, and on up from there, depending on what you’re looking for.

How much does adding a Spa to a Pool Cost?

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So, if you wanna add a spa to a pool, usually you’re going to add another $10,000. If you wanna add water features it goes up from there. But, your base price is going to be $50,000 for a standard pool. And, about $60,000 for a standard pool/spa combo. From there it just depends on your materials, the size of the pool, and what you want your layout to look like. So, a $50,000 pool is going to be your base model pool. That is an 80 to 90 perimeter foot pool with a minimal amount of decking. Two hundred to three hundred square feet of decking.

What Type of Pool Materials Does that Include?

That’s all seasoned builder-grade materials, so it would be using flagstone, red brick coping, basic tile, and then usually a white or maybe a quartz finish interior.

A pebble finish interior is the most popular option right now. The difference between a white plaster and a pebble interior is that white plaster is made with marcite sand. Pebble interiors replace that marcite sand with an actual pebble. So, structurally, your finish is much stronger, and so you can go from a finish that’s five years to a finish that you can get 15 to 20 years out of.

What are Some Premium Finishes for My Pool?

Other materials that might raise the price of a pool would be your coping or tile choices. So, your six-by-six standard ceramic tile is going to be basic and it’s going to be standard. You can also go up to large format tiles, or glass tiles, or do mosaic-type tiles. So, there are lots of options there, but obviously, it’s going to raise the price the fancier you go.

Is a Pool Cleaner Included in Your Pools?

Yes, we use an in-floor cleaning system. With a Bowen Pool, you don’t have that little cleaner than in the pool that’s always in the way, that you’re always having to move out of the way. We do all of our circulations from the floor, so that allows your water to circulate up and down vs. around. Which, in turn, raises the heat of your pool faster if you’re using a heater. It also helps stabilize your chemicals; you’re using fewer chemicals the way that circulates.

custom swimming pool design - custom swimming pool with stone water slide and water fall

So, some of the key features for kids would be to add a slide or a diving board. And, they really don’t cost a whole lot. You’re looking anywhere from $1,000 for a diving board, up to maybe $2,500 for a slide. And then you have features such as zero-entry or tanning ledges that will consistently raise the price of a pool, depending on what you go with.

Our favorite part of the pool-building process is getting to create memories for your families. So, what we look forward to the most is being able to put a pool in your backyard you can enjoy for many years and your families can sit out and enjoy for the whole summer.

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