How to Design Backyard With Pool

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Pools are a great addition to any home. One of their biggest draws is that they increase the value of your home, even if you aren’t selling. Pools help make memories and are the perfect centerpiece for any get-together. 

If your backyard doesn’t have a pool but you want to add one, you’re probably wondering how to design a backyard with a pool. Creating a great design for your backyard layout should be done before you break ground. Keep reading and follow our guide for the perfect backyard design for swimming pool installation. 

Space is Everything

Everyone’s backyard is unique. Before figuring out the shape or style of pool you want, you need to figure out how much space you have in your yard. Calculating the size of your yard is easy. You can use online calculators that use Google maps to figure out how much space you have. 

Another option is walking the length and width of your lawn. Assuming you have a 3-foot stride, figure out how many paces it takes to get from one end to the other. Then, multiply the length and width to get the square footage. This method is not as exact but can give you a solid estimate. Once you know how big your yard is, you have to decide how much of your backyard layout you want to be dedicated to a pool. 

If you have a larger yard, you can have a bigger pool and still have a grassy area, or space for a patio. With smaller yards, if you want a bigger pool, it’s safe to assume there won’t be a lot of extra grassy space. Smaller pools are still perfect for gatherings and will give you room for other yard activities. Once you know how much space you want to be dedicated to a pool, you can start picking the shape of the swimming pool installation.

Pick Your Shape 

Pools can be a classic rectangle, round, or a fun, abstract shape. Here are some shape options and what they can do for your backyard design

Squares and Rectangles

This is the classic style you think of when you hear the word “pool.” A beautiful square or rectangular pool can provide you with clear space and a variety of different depths. 

This style of pool is great for any size yard. It gives you a very classic pool feel while still having flexibility in sizing. 

Different Angles

Rectangular pools are a classic. But, some backyard designs want an elevated version of the traditional design. Adding different angles to your pool design can give it extra flair and design qualities. The base of this design is a rectangle. But it can have round add-ons, cut-in corners, or a stepped appearance. If you love art deco design, consider a rectangular pool with different angles added to it. 

Circular Pools

Circular pools are another classic pool design. This design is great if you have a smaller yard and don’t want the pool to take it over. Circular pools can leave a lot of walk-around space. These pools come in an array of sizes, so you know you’ll find the perfect one for your yard. Circular pools can have multiple depths, but it’s common for it all to be the same. 

Curvy Pools 

Just like how angular pools are a step up from rectangular pools, curvy pools are elevated circular pools. These pools are great for smaller yards, too, because you can curve them. They allow for both really interesting pool shapes and yard shapes. This can also give your pool a more naturalistic feel. 

Decide on Tiling 

Pool tiling is an important aspect of backyard design, especially if your yard is going to be all pool. Your tiling is what brings your aesthetic to light for guests and makes your pool yours. The tiling in your pool helps prevent water stains and is easy to clean. Blue is a classic pool tile color. You can’t go wrong with the color and pattern combinations. 

Black pool tiling helps absorb heat and can make your water warmer. Red is a bold aesthetic choice. Green can feel more natural. There are endless options. Picking some out-of-the-box ones is a great way to show off your creativity. 

Outside Your Pool

Tiling outside of your pool can range from cement to rocks to wood. For many, the design outside of their pools acts as a deck. Your backyard design should complement your pool. 

If you’re going for a more naturalistic look, a rockier surrounding can contribute to that. If you want something clean and polished, consider cement. Wood is a great option too, but it should be elevated slightly to prevent wood rot.

Elevate Your Swimming Pool Installation with Accessories 

You have your pool shape, the tiling picked out, your surrounding area designed, now it’s time for the fun part! The accessories you add to your pool space can make it the perfect hang-out spot. Rocks and waterfalls are the best addition if you want a natural, relaxing feel to your pool. Boulders add character to your space. Waterfalls add a strong sense of ambiance that will make the space even more relaxing. 

Shrubbery is another great addition to your pool space. It can add privacy to your pool without having to build a fence. Shrubs and plants also add extra greenery. Lighting can take any pool to the next level. Lights inside your pool make the water glow at night. Different types of lighting outside your pool like flame lamps or LEDs can also add more ambiance. 

Some lights also have color-changing options. If you like to host parties, you’ll love this addition. 

Now You Know How to Design Backyard with Pool

Now that you know how to design a backyard with a pool, it’s time to get started! Backyard design for swimming pool installation can feel like a lot of work to take on by yourself, but you don’t need to do it alone!

At Bowen Pools, we have the expertise and want to help you design a pool that is unique to you. Reach out to us today for a quote and more information about creating a custom pool for your backyard.