How to Get Your Pool Summer Ready with Proper Maintenance

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On those early warm days in summer, the first thing you want to do is take a dip in your pool. But in the months when you’re not using your pool as much or at all, how can you make sure your pool is ready for the season?

Here, we’ll talk about the maintenance necessary throughout the year so your pool is ready for that refreshing dip on the first hot day of the year.

 Regularly Clean Your Pool’s Water and Nearby Surfaces 

Weekly, make sure that your pool and the areas around it are clean.

You make think your pool cover adequately protects your pool, but this isn’t the case. You still need to perform routine upkeep. Regularly trim your trees and bushes so they don’t drop all their leaves in or around your pool. Discard the leaves that fall on or near the pool by sweeping them and other debris off of the pool deck, as well as washing down the tiles or pavers surrounding the pool.

Next, remove the pool cover to skim out leaves that got underneath it. Take out pool baskets, as well, so you can clear out dirt, leaves, and other trapped materials.

Now it’s time to clean the pool’s water and surfaces. It’s important not to drain your pool entirely, as it could cause problems with lifting ground. Instead, clean the bottom and walls of your pools with a specially-designed pool vacuum. Follow up by skimming algae from the pool using a nylon brush and cleaning tiles with a soft-bristled brush and baking soda.  

 Your last step is to clean your filter. Depending on the type of filter your pool has, you’ll have different maintenance expectations. If you use a cartridge filter, examine it regularly for debris that you’ll be able to see. If you have a diatomaceous earth filter, clean it regularly by switching it the backwash feature, rinse it off with a hose, and apply a powder used for filtering water. Do the same for a sand filter; this type of filter should be cleaned with an approved cleaner at least once a year, as well.

Ensure Your Pool’s Water Is Fully Cleaned 

If you haven’t kept up on your pool maintenance, you’ll need to take your cleaning a step further before you can actually swim in it again.

First, you want to test your pool to determine how much cleaning substances like chlorine and acid are necessary to make the pool safe to swim in. Test kits can let you in on this kind of information. After adding the necessary amount of treatment, you’ll need to test the pool again to ensure that it’s ready for that first dip.

Next, you need to “shock” your pool by using a mixture of super shock chlorine, algaecide, and stabilizer. Ratios of this mixture vary depending on how dirty your pool’s water has become, so it’s a good idea to maintain clean water throughout the year.

Finally, you want to run your clean filter and pump so the shock mixture can be distributed throughout your pool. Only this once, run your pump for 24 hours so the chemicals are properly disseminated throughout the water. After you’ve run the pump for an entire day, remember that you only want to run your pump for a maximum of 12 hours per day.

Test Your Pool’s Equipment 

Even if you’re not using your pool, you still need to make sure that your pool’s mechanisms are working properly. Some of your pool’s equipment needs routine maintenance, while malfunctions in others should be caught as early as possible so they can be repaired.

You can’t clean your pool properly if your pump is not functioning. So, make sure you turn on the pump and test that it’s in working order. Listen to the pump for noise, touch it to determine if it’s overheating, and watch it to ensure it’s not leaking. If you do notice an issue, contact a technician right away.

Next, find your pool’s O-rings, which are used to seal various aspects of your pool system. These rings need to be lubricated regularly to make sure they’re protecting gaskets. They should be replaced if they’ve cracked or ripped.

Finally, check your pool’s heat pump. If you want to use your pool year-round, or before the weather is ideal for swimming, this device is necessary. Monitor your pump for interruptions of its cycle, as well as for low waterflow.

If you note any problems with these mechanisms, connect with your pool technician right away.

Ensure that Your Pool’s Safety Features Are Working Properly 

More than anything else, you want to regularly check to see that your pool’s safety features are in working order.

First, make sure that your pool’s drains are protected with safety-compliant covers. If you’re not sure if your covers are up to this standard, you’ll likely want to check in with a professional.

Next, make sure that your pool is protected from your family, neighbors, and pets by testing the latch and locks on the gate surrounding your pool. If these mechanisms have degraded over the years, have them replaced.

Decide How Much Maintenance You’re Willing to Do Yourself 

Since you already have a pool, you know how much effort it takes to keep it clean and in top shape. You need an extensive list of tools, cleaning solutions, and tests, along with a calendar to make sure you remember to keep up on your upkeep.

But Bowen Pools isn’t like these other companies. We’ll care for your pool at the same time each week and provide photo references to the services we performed on our app. Our regular maintenance plans means that you don’t have to keep track of the your work your pool needs, nor do you have to buy – or store – all the tools necessary for upkeep.

Pool maintenance can be a headache, especially when you just want to spend your time swimming in your pool. Bowen will focus on your maintenance, so you can focus why you had a pool installed in the first place: enjoying your outdoor oasis.

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