how to plan a custom pool

7 Tips for How to Plan a Custom Pool

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All across the country, there are more than 10.4 million swimming pools in backyards where people are enjoying a refreshing swim and making priceless memories. Deciding to add a pool to your backyard doesn’t have to mean you buy a basic setup that looks like every other pool. You can really create a special moment by designing a custom pool that fits your style and makes a statement. 

We’ve put together this guide for how to plan a custom pool you’ll love with all of the steps you need to create something beautiful and functional! 

1. Start Early 

One of the most important pieces of advice for someone about to get into a pool construction project is to start planning as early as possible. Every construction job takes time and pools are no exception. 

Since pools are generally only used during a specific portion of the year, you want to be able to finish the project in time to get to enjoy it. It would be incredibly disappointing to realize you didn’t start soon enough to be able to enjoy your pool and have to wait even longer. 

This is where being decisive and focused helps to move a project along quickly and efficiently for the best results. 

2. Consider Primary Function 

Surprisingly, there are a lot of ways that a pool can be used and it’s key to figure out exactly how you’re going to use yours before starting. 

how to plan a custom pool

For some, a pool is a main source of exercise through lap swimming. So they would want to make sure the pool has adequate lengths to get a good workout in. For others, it’s more of a relaxation hub. This pool might have more water features for added ambiance. And for others, it’ll be a fun hangout for the kids and their friends. That pool might have additional slides or a unique shape. 

Whatever the case may be, customizing your pool to fit your exact needs is the most important place to start. 

3. Take in the Whole Space 

A pool will completely change the entire space of your backyard both with how it looks and how it functions. It’s important to consider the entire space when you’re deciding on pool size and pool layout. 

Make sure to consider the other elements in your yard and how they’ll work together with the pool. This is especially important with walkways and paths. 

You may also want to integrate some landscaping into the pool plans to make the whole yard feel more cohesive and special. 

4. Follow Local Guidelines 

Unfortunately, you can’t just build whatever type of pool you want, there are rules set by the local counties that a custom swimming pool has to abide by. 

Before you even begin the design process, it’s a good idea to check out what these rules are and what is prohibited. This will not only save you a lot of time but also heartache! There’s nothing worse than getting your heart set on something only to realize it’s not possible and you have to change your plans. 

Securing the permits necessary to begin your build can also take some time, so factor that into your timeline as well. 

5. Factor in Maintenance 

Every pool requires regular maintenance in order to work properly and be safe to use. Make sure to consider the maintenance tasks you will need to perform as you make your decisions about the pool design.  

Some homeowners choose to hire professionals to handle all of these pool services, which makes it easier on them in the long run.

It’s always a good idea to have a maintenance plan in place before beginning construction. 

6. Work with a Professional 

Custom swimming pools have a lot of intricate details that have to be worked into the plans for the best results. This is why it’s so important to work with a professional team through every step of the process. 

They will be able to give you advice and suggestions so that your vision can really come to life. 

As you’re finalizing the design, it’s a good idea to check out their project portfolio to get inspiration and ideas for the best pool possible.

7. Add In Some Fun and Interest 

Nothing says you have to have a boring pool in your backyard. Even a custom above-ground pool can be an exciting addition that feels special and unique. 

As you’re working on creating the design, think about ways you can bring a little bit of interest to the pool. That could be with a fun color palette in the tiles, an additional water feature like a fountain or scuppers, or fun slide elements. Adding in just a few of the extra elements will quickly take your pool to the next level. 

The professional design team should be Abel to help you create something you truly love that feels like your own oasis. 

How to Plan a Custom Pool 

Once you’ve decided to add a pool to your space and read our guide on how to plan a custom pool, you’re ready to start the fun process. There’s nothing like seeing your vision come to life knowing it’s going to bring you and your family hours of fun and quality time together. 

It’s a big job to help design your custom pool but worth all of the extra effort and attention to detail in the end. Just focusing on the good times and relaxation in your future is a good motivator to make it through! 

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