How to Remodel a Pool

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It’s no secret that a well-designed and maintained pool can last for years. The pool can also improve your home’s resale value by boosting its curb appeal. Keeping your pool in great shape is a great investment for your property.

Your pool can start losing its appeal after a while and require a remodel. Its pumps and filters may fail, surfaces may crack, or leaks may occur. You need to know how to remodel a pool to deal with these issues.

Remodeling a pool can seem like a big project if it’s your first time doing it. However, it can restore the welcoming and pleasant feel your pool once had when done right. If you’re planning to give your swimming pool more appeal, consider the following tips:

Set a Goal for the Remodel

Your reasons for remodeling the pool may vary with your aesthetic choices. You may want to make it safer, extend its lifespan, or improve your home’s value. The remodel may also be focused on making the pool energy efficient.

If you’re planning to cut future maintenance costs, consider the remodel a financial investment. You may also experiment with different pool remodel ideas. In this case, the project will focus on giving the pool a different shape or adding new features.

Once you identify your goals for the project, it’s easier to decide how you want to undertake it. The goals will structure what you’re looking to achieve. Otherwise, the entire remodel may seem overwhelming without a clear plan.

Consider the Pool’s Current Condition

You need to know the current condition of your swimming pool before making any changes to it. Though things might appear okay on the surface, the pool may have issues that need fixing.

Hire a pool builder to inspect your yard for quality and safety issues that may affect the pool. The inspection will help determine whether the pool adheres to local safety regulations.

You have to be sure that your pool doesn’t have any problems in the areas you want to remodel. Failing to identify these problem areas will increase the remodeling costs and timeline. Make repairs on any issues found before the actual work begins.

Know the Types of Pool Remodels

Depending on your needs, there are various pool remodels to choose from. Check out recently renovated swimming pools in your area or online to get a picture of these remodels.

The remodeling project may focus on changing the pool’s shape or customizing its floor. It may also involve adding a diving board, a slide, or water features (like fountains). You may also want to add fire pits and sun shelves or create a spa area.

Other areas of focus for the remodeling include updating the landscape and decks. The contractor may also install new lighting fixtures like color-changing LEDs around the pool.

Understand the Pool Remodeling Process

An inground pool remodel begins with the property owner finding a contractor for the work. It also involves getting approval from the relevant local authorities. When applying for approval, you should get a site plan from a pool builder.

Once the authorities approve the project, the contractor will drain water out of the pool. Depending on the extent, the work may take from six to twelve hours.

A Bowen Pools contractor will chip and prime the pool’s surface if the project involves changing the pool’s physical appearance. After that, expect them to install new tiles and add new lighting, decking, and water features. They may also update the surrounding landscape depending on its state.

Once the work is over, you’ll have to fill the pool with water. The contractor will also advise you on chemicals to make the water safe.

Time the Project Appropriately

Pool builders have tight schedules and require you to book their services in advance. You should therefore choose a convenient timeline for the remodel.

Winter and fall are ideal for the pool remodeling project since there are low demands for the service at this time. Avoid starting the work at the peak of summer since there’ll be a high demand for the service.

Expect the remodel to take a little longer or encounter unexpected snags before its completion. You should thus choose a flexible timeline that will accommodate the delays. Speak to a pool builder on a convenient timeline for the project for the best outcomes.

Have a Budget for the Remodel

Since pools are difficult to renovate, estimating the pool remodel cost can be difficult. Factors like location, remodeling preferences, and pool size will affect the price. The extent of the remodel may also determine its costs.

The national average cost for a pool remodel ranges from $1,500 to $100,000. Pool expansions and renovations on larger pools may cost more.

Get at least three quotes from pool builders to budget for the project. The contractor will ask about the specifics of the projects before giving you an estimate for their services.

Hire a Pool Remodeling Contractor

Hire a pool remodeling contractor from Bowen Pools to be assured of top-quality services. Bowen Pools contractors listen to pool owners’ needs in every phase of the remodel. They let you take the lead in the design process to turn your vision into a reality.

Choose one based on their customer service, portfolio, credentials, and license. Before hiring them, you should also look at their specialty areas and company size.

The contractor should be diligent and open to communication throughout the project. They should also point you to their online portfolio to gauge their capabilities. The portfolio will help you get a sense of their style and how the remodel will look like.

Only consider a contractor who underwent CDC’s Pool Inspection Training. They should have a Master Pools Guild certification to prove their credibility. Also, choose a company that uses eco-friendly pool technologies and specializes in the remodel you want.

Now You Know How to Remodel a Pool

Ideally, it’s not easy to learn how to remodel a pool in one day. Pool remodeling is a specialty that requires deep knowledge and experience. Enlist the help of a reputable contractor for the project for favorable results.

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