The Secret to Keeping Pool Ownership Fun? Sensible Servicing and Maintenance

Chris Pool Construction, Pool Design, Pool Maintenance

Having your own swimming pool should provide endless days of fun with family and friends. Imagine the pool parties for the kids, lazy weekends spent in the sun, or family gatherings filled with laughter as you enjoy your outdoor space. It really doesn’t get much better than that but perhaps you dread the work you need to put in to keep your pool in great condition for your family and visitors.

To ensure your swimming pool is always clean and hygienic, there are some small jobs you’ll need to tackle on a weekly basis. Following a maintenance schedule will also keep it running well and looking good too. If you’ve decided to take these jobs on, it’s fair to say that your pool time enjoyment might be fading already. It’s hard to switch off when you’re in charge of the sensible stuff.

It can also be a struggle to stay on top of what’s required, and when, for your pool to stay crystal-clear and hygienic. Having a pool should be fun and Bowen Pools can help you keep it that way with our Flower Mound pool servicing and maintenance plans. 

What work does a pool need?

To maintain a healthy pool, here are some of the essential weekly jobs that we complete for our Flower Mound clients.

Surface cleaning 

This clean removes leaves and other debris from the surface of your pool, meaning the water always looks fresh and inviting. 


The next step in keeping your water clean is to clear up any dirt from the bottom of your pool using a special vacuum cleaner.


This preventative measure stops algae build-up and removes any other grime from the pool’s interior surfaces.


In order to remove any debris build-up in your water lines and filter, backwashing is required. This is done by reversing the water flow to remove anything that could cause a blockage further down the line. 

Checking filters

These regular preventative checks on your filers are vital to ensure correct pressure and flow.

Water chemistry

The chemicals you put in your pool are vital to maintaining its cleanliness. During this step, we’ll add the correct chemicals in safe amounts to maintain the hygiene of your pool and the health of its users.


Your safety netting or chosen pool cover is just as important as the feature itself. Regular maintenance ensures these stay in top condition so they’re able to serve their functions of keeping people safe and your pool clean.

Any scheduled maintenance

On top of the regular servicing jobs, we’ll also provide weekly/monthly/annual maintenance works for the upkeep of your pool system.

What is scheduled maintenance? 

If you want your pool to remain in top condition and prevent unexpected expenditure or breakdowns, you’ll need ongoing maintenance alongside your services. This includes things like regular filter changes, replacing broken lights, and checking for any leaks. And before we forget, have a plan in place for any bathroom accidents in your pool — it can get pretty messy otherwise.

If that all seems like too much work, you might be right. Yes, a pool is fun but there’s a time commitment, too. That’s why we recommend going with a professional. Having a serviced swimming pool, gives you the peace of mind to jump in, cool off, and simply smile. At Bowen Pools, we’ve got you covered. 

What to expect from Bowen Pools

Bowen Pools are experienced in Flower Mound pool maintenance plans and weekly service calls. We are family-owned and operated, love what we do, and are proud to provide a high level of service — our customers agree, too! 

So if you love owning a beautiful pool (and want to keep it that way), here’s what you need to know about our weekly pool service:

  • You’ll get everything you need in one place with the Bowen Pools customer app 
  • A technician will visit on the same day each week
  • You’ll get a full weekly summary of all work completed
  • We’ll work with you to agree on a maintenance plan that suits your needs
  • We can offer advice and ideas (because we build pools too!)

We also have verified photos of the work we’ve completed for customers. If you’d like to see some, just ask.

We specialize in pool servicing so you don’t have to. Our weekly visits will ensure your pool is safe and hygienic for your kids and their friends, allowing you to focus on the fun stuff — like organizing the next big pool party the whole neighborhood will be talking about.

Having a long-term maintenance schedule means your pool system works at its optimum level, stays up-to-date, and remains at the heart of your outdoor entertaining space for years to come. If you love those lazy evenings spent by the pool, regular maintenance means you’ll never have to worry about diving in after a long day at work.

Pool ownership gets a whole lot easier when you have professional help — allowing you to sit back and enjoy your pool without the hard work;  that’s is where we come in. If you’re ready to put the fun back into your pool time this summer, we’d be happy to assist. Please contact us here to book an appointment.