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Inground pools are an excellent addition to the home. Not only do they cool you down in warm weather, but they also add tons of curb appeal to your backyard. The parties don’t hurt either. But over time, your inground pool begins to deteriorate and requires a facelift. Just like all of us, your pool needs a little extra lovin’ to get back to its former glory.

Swimming Pool Remodeling Services

If you keep ignoring it, the deterioration only gets worse, and, pretty soon, you don’t even want to invite the family and friends that camped by your poolside all summer long. Sometimes, you may feel like your pool’s style or/and features are simply outdated, and who wants to stick with a 90s pool when in the third decade of the 21st century?

Regardless of the pool remodeling or renovation needs you have, our team has the experience and expertise to handle it. You can be sure that you’ll get the highest quality of craftsmanship in your pool construction and renovation, whether you need to repair cracks, re-plaster, or re-tile your pool. But before you begin, here are some essential considerations to ensure the upgrades go smoothly.

Is It Time to Renovate?

There are many reasons to remodel or renovate and pool. Sooner or later, every pool needs major or minor repairs or renovation to maintain performance and ensure the safety of its users. Common signs that a remodel is due include:

  • Leaks – if you notice significant water loss in the pool with no explanation, you may have one or more leaks that should be sealed
  • Old/worn-out materials – over time, pool components and equipment will grow old and perform sub-optimally. Pumps, filter, plumbing systems, decking, tiles or lightings must be maintained for the proper performance
  • Style – pools installed in the 80s or 90s may not have the features present in modern pools. Some features are about aesthetics alone, while others are critical for performance and efficiency
  • Drab aesthetics – if your budget allows it, you may simply want to upgrade the features and services available in and around the pool to make it more enjoyable to use
  • Size – if you have a large family or like to entertain, you may find that your current pool no longer serves all your guests and you want to expand it
Bowen Pools - Merrett Pool Remodeling Project

When to Remodel

As mentioned, it is critical to involve professionals and plan every aspect of the renovation well in advance. Part of this is choosing the best time for the project. Experts advise having your renovations done in the fall or winter since the pool is mostly used during spring and summer.

There are two upsides to choosing fall or winter: first, your pool will be ready for unveiling and use during the warmer seasons. Second, you’re likely to get better deals since pool designers and contractors are less busy during these seasons.

Common Pool Remodeling Tasks

Proper repairs and maintenance are essential to keeping your pool in tip-top shape. Don’t put off any minor faults, or they will get bigger and become more costly to fix. While homeowners have different needs where pool renovations are concerned, these are some common renovation requests that we hear from clients including:

Pool Resurfacing

Pools should be resurfaced every 5-20 years according to the finish applied and the water chemistry and pool maintenance regimen. Resurfacing doesn’t affect the pool’s shell; instead, it upgrades the topmost layer to improve its appearance.


Safety Features

Standard safety features added during a pool upgrade includes adding ladder and railings to the pool or covering the pool with a fence. You may wish to include pool safety nets and covers to have security barriers for the times the pool isn’t in use. Some people install an alarm to alert homeowners if the pool is accessed without their knowledge, e.g. by a child or pet.

Aesthetic Upgrades

Common aesthetic upgrades include the addition of a spa, decking upgrades, adding or improving fountains or oases, including waterfalls, natural stone, tropical plants, or even streams. Just remember to ensure the foundational work is stable, so that your aesthetic upgrades are also functional.

Cost of Pool Remodeling

The cost of your pool renovation will be different depending on its size and the type of work you wish to have done. However, most jobs range from $4,800 – $12,300. Pool reconstruction or repair OS is often labor-intensive work, which is why labor alone can go as high as $65 per hour.

For large pools or pool expansions, it is critical to get a reputable pool designer or contractor; such jobs often require more expertise than regular repair jobs or works on smaller pools. Of course, larger pools with more complex features will cost more. Once you have a few quotes, it is critical to plan the financing before the project begins.

custom swimming pool design - custom swimming pool with stone water slide and water fall

Financing Your Pool Remodel

There are many more ideas to enhance the appearance and functionality of your pool. If you’re on a tight budget, there are financing options to explore, such as secured or unsecured personal loans, among others. Start with the essential pool remodeling work, and only add aesthetic features after the vital components are functioning optimally.

If you’re looking for reputable and experienced pool designers and contractors, contact us today to learn more about our services and get an estimate.

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