what makes a swimming pool custom

What Makes a Swimming Pool Custom?

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There are at least 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the U.S. With so many people exploring new ways to entertain, enhance their properties, and enjoy great weather, customization is often top of the list for pool lovers.

This leaves homeowners wondering, “What makes a swimming pool custom?”

The truth is, when it comes to custom swimming pools, there are endless possibilities. And with swimming being the fifth most popular type of activity in the U.S., there are plenty of reasons to expand on what your pool can do for you. From the shape and size of your pool to the features and finishes, you can create a backyard oasis that ideally fits your needs, lifestyle, and location.

Like many homeowners, you’re probably unsure where to start. Keep reading to learn about the top custom features that will add to your pool experience and potentially your property’s value.

Swim-up Bar

A swim-up bar is a unique custom pool feature that those who love to entertain would enjoy.

These bars can be customized to match any theme and are a great gathering place for guests. You could even add underwater seating!

Waterfalls or Fountains

Another custom pool feature that can add to the beauty of your pool is a waterfall or fountain. Not only can waterfalls provide background noise to help with relaxation and add general ambiance, but they also offer a sense of serenity.

You could add changing lights to the fountain, have it made to display your family crest or play around with other fun designs.

Dive Rocks or Rock Walls

If you’re looking for a way to add character and fun to your pool, dive rocks or rock walls are a great custom option. Dive rocks can be used as more natural-looking diving boards or seating.

To create a theme, you could incorporate rock slides into your dive rock or rock walls. Rock walls also provide natural-looking barriers or features in your poolscape while adding visual interest.

Built-In Spa

A built-in hot tub or spa is the right choice when you want to combine relaxation and functionality.

Adding massage jets can increase your overall wellness. Expect better sleep and improved cardiovascular health. They are also good sources of muscle relaxation. You could even add a water feature to the spa for the ultimate in relaxation. 

A custom swimming pool with a spa can give you more to do with family and friends. Not only that, swimming helps promote healthy lungs and hearts. What’s more, you can expect your property value to increase.

Fire Feature

For a custom pool feature that’s both unique and functional, a fireplace or fire pit is a great option. Not only will you enjoy the pool further into the cooler months by adding a central fire pit, but it also creates a warm aesthetic in your outdoor living space.

Vanishing Edge or Infinity Pools

One of the benefits of a custom swimming pool is adding in a few “wow” features.

Infinity pools are designed with one or more walls that the water flows over, creating the illusion that the water goes on forever—hence the name. They are both beautiful and unique custom features.

Multiple Levels

One of the benefits of having multiple levels in your pool design is that it can help create areas for different activities. For example, you could have a shallow area for lounging, a deeper area for swimming, and even an area with a diving board or slide.

Another benefit of having multiple levels in your pool is their privacy. For example, a raised hot tub or spa is secluded from the rest of the pool area. This can be a great way to create a private oasis within your backyard.

Beach Entry

Are you considering a beach or resort theme for your pool area?

One of the benefits of having a beach entry in your pool design is that it can help create a more natural look. It’s also a user-friendly option that makes the pool more accessible for the young and old.

Deck Jets

Deck jets add an undeniably stylish aesthetic, making your pool more modern or natural-looking. What makes it better is that you can customize their placement, color, height, and direction.

Custom Tile Work

Tiling isn’t always the first thing someone thinks of when they want unique features. However, your tile work can define the entire look of your pool.

Think about it like this: if you want a lagoon-style pool with rock walls surrounded by greenery, darker tiles could give your pool water a forest-like look to match your theme. Or, if you really want to customize your pool, you can add your initials to the pool floor using colorful tiles.

Learning What Makes A Swimming Pool Custom And Making It A Reality

Were you wondering, “What makes a swimming pool custom?” Now you have a better idea of the different features that make a pool build unique.

Custom features can add value to your property, add fun to your home, and benefit your health. When working with Bowen Pools, you’ll have the opportunity to create a design that will get your family’s approval and become the envy of your neighbors.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and start customizing your pool build or adding to your current pool, contact us today to request an estimate.

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