What’s The Most Important Part of Being a Pool Owner?

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The most important part of being a pool owner is ensuring that you have a great pool maintenance plan. At Bowen Pools, we recommend creating a clear maintenance schedule. That also entails estimating maintenance costs associated with your pool. We believe the key thing is to understand how important pool maintenance and pool chemistry is.

What Is Water Chemistry?

There’s so much that goes into water chemistry. We can go into detail about Langelier Saturation Index, how we balance pool water, and how if the littlest thing is off, then it’s going to affect that plaster finish. You can see scaling, or have to remodel the entire pool. It’s really important to be on top of water chemistry and the cleaning of the pool. If you’re not cleaning your pool, the water chemistry is not going to do 100% of everything. You still have to clean your pool, even if you have somebody doing the chemistry, or you’re doing the chemistry yourself.

What Do I Do To Clean My Pool?

Cleaning the pool includes brushing the walls, and vacuuming the bottom of the pool. Netting the pool to get the all the leaves out is also important. You also need to clean the filters of the pool to keep the water circulating. We recommend cleaning DE Filters every six months, and Cartridge filters every three months. 

Do I Have To Clean My Pool in the Winter?

Yes! Neglecting your pool during the colder weather can affect the life of your pool. The colder temperatures can affect the water chemistry and the water in your pool can become more aggressive. 

How Can Bowen Pools Help You?

Many of our clients want the worry-free pool experience. As a part of that, we offer a full service option, where we take care of everything, as long as you are in our service areas. A key features of our pool service are that after every visit, we send a detailed log. You will see what time your technician arrived, what time they left, what your water chemistry was like, and what services he performed while he was there. You will also get a before and after photo after every visit. You’re only responsible for adding water to the pool. We will brush your pool, we will net it, we will vacuum it, we will check and balance the water chemistry, and we will backwash the pool if needed. After that, we will send you a service report to let you know everything’s okay. If there is a problem with your pool, we will let you know.

Leave The Pool Cleaning To Us!

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